We don’t know about you, but IT keeps us up at night. How are we supposed to sleep when so many things can – and do – go wrong?

From issues as large as a ransomware attack, to as small as a single file corrupting; something as simple as the IT staff going on vacation leaves us sleepless, worrying about all the ways we’re left vulnerable. Even our phones are ticking time bombs – you lose it or fry the internals, and there goes years-to-a-decade+ of memories. It’s like we’re all walking around with our family photo albums in our pockets!

One of our staff was lucky to have learned their lesson in university, when their hard drive died over winter break. It ended up having to be sent to a specialized shop for weeks, and $700 later, they got back most of their files. Others aren’t so lucky.

The smartest ones (unlike them) see this for what it is though, inevitable, and take steps to protect themselves beforehand. If one of your servers die, what happens? The answer varies, but I can tell you that from lost work and/or time wasted waiting to recover, businesses lose 0.5% of annual revenue per day offline. And again, that’s if you’re lucky, and none of your clients leave as a result.

That didn’t happen to our (unnamed) Accounting client though, and if you’d like to read more about their story, you can hit the download button below!

If you know you’re vulnerable too, we’d love to hop on a call and work out a solution tailored to you and your business, and show you all of the other ticking time bombs we can defuse before it’s too late!

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