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What is Server Co-Location?

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Recently we had a power outage at our office. Unfortunately, our on-site back up did not work, and we lost a couple of days worth of data. I was speaking with someone who recommends using a company that provides server co-location services. Could you explain what server co-location means? Also, does it mean the same as colo?

Thank you for your help!”

Answer from Rational Business Solutions Inc.:

The key issue in your question is how can you protect your data in the event of a power outage or a server crisis. Co-locating your server will not necessarily prevent this from happening. Server co-location, or “colo”, is when you place your servers in a data centre rather than on your premises. This can provide a more secure and stable environment for your server. However, you can still lose data in the event of a server malfunction. Data centres will typically have good backup power so that a power outage will not occur, but they cannot prevent a hardware malfunction or a user generated incident that shuts down your server

We recommend a backup solution that uses local data backup and offsite data backup, that is monitored and occurs automatically. In partnership with Datto – an expert in Cybersecurity and data backup – we provide exactly this type of solution, that has the added benefit of virtualization, so that your business can continue to operate in the event of a critical server malfunction

For more information on the Datto solution, check out Rational Business Continuity Service (RBCS)

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