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    IT Disaster Data Protection

    Get ready for the unexpected

    No matter the cause, Rational Business Solutions Inc. will ensure none of your vital data is lost in the event of an IT disaster. From water damage to power surges and everything in-between, Rational Business Solutions Inc. can help protect your data.


    “What is IT disaster data protection and why do I need it for my business?”

    Answer from Rational Business Solutions Inc:

    Just as the name implies, an IT disaster data protection solution will serve to protect all your important data in the event that a disaster creates data loss. For small to medium businesses, the impact of data loss can effectively cripple the business. For instance, up to 90% of companies that suffer from complete data lost fail in the first year. For most businesses, data is a vital part of the business itself and it should be protected accordingly.


    Many people associate the word “disaster” with an act of nature, such as a tornado or a hurricane. In a business setting, the term “disaster” can be classified as anything that impedes your ability to conduct business. It can be used to describe any number of different scenarios, like a sprinkler system malfunction that ruins your computer systems. An effective IT disaster data protection plan typically involves backup of the data to an offsite location.

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