Taking Advantage Of Small Business IT Support In The GTA

Small Business IT Support in the GTA

Despite their size, small to medium sized businesses still require IT support, and the need for support is often as soon as possible. A computer, network or equipment failure can cause significant downtime, and seriously compromise the operation of the business. For most businesses, downtime is directly related to lost revenue. Each day of downtime equates to roughly a 0.5% loss in annual revenue for a business, and this is often an existential threat for many if it persists multiple days.

Even with the need for rapid response to IT issues, and the potential for lost revenue that these issues threaten, it is rarely cost-effective for small or medium sized businesses to operate their own in-house IT department. This presents an interesting dilemma for many businesses, as the benefits of having fast and professional IT support are weighed against the potentially massive overhead costs associated with maintaining constant on-site IT support.

Local outsourcing is one solution that many forward-thinking businesses are choosing, to solve the need for quick and effective IT services.

What Are the Benefits to Locally Outsourcing IT Services?

With the advances in remote assistance technologies, IT outsourcing companies can provide excellent IT services remotely. In the event that a technician is needed on-site, local outsourcing makes it possible to have a technician on-site that same day.

The top IT outsourcing companies servicing the GTA offer a full range of comprehensive IT services for small to medium sized businesses. This includes core IT services such as the following:

  • Comprehensive support through a managed platform
  • 24/7 hardware and software monitoring
  • The ability to remediate many issues in the background without disrupting business operations
  • Hardware and software support
  • Technology support for computers, servers, networking and other peripherals such as printers
  • Data backup solutions and business continuity

Unlike the continuous overhead resulting from an in-house IT department, outsourced IT provides customizable options for on-demand IT service plans, including reasonable rates with flexible payments for the services that are actually necessary.

Finding Small Business IT Support in the GTA

To ensure that you find the best option for locally outsourced IT support, it is vital to schedule a thorough assessment. An assessment will provide an opportunity to have your current infrastructure analyzed, and to discuss what types of technology goals you may have in mind. For instance, many medical offices want to have patient files converted to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and to possibly have these EMRs backed up to a different site. The assessment is used to provide a customized quote based on the business needs, as well as existing infrastructure.

Rational Business Solutions is a Toronto-based IT company that specializes in providing locally outsourced IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses around the GTA and Ontario in general. The company offers the following:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive assessments to understand client needs, and maximizing the use of existing equipment
  • Innovative and customized strategies to realize client technology goals
  • Professional implementation of technology with trusted brands and certified technicians
  • Tailored support options to meet each client’s unique IT needs

Rational Business Solutions is the best at what they do, as our forward thinking IT support enables us to solve any problem with quick and effective methods. Discover the convenience and peace of mind that comes from local, professional, on-demand small business IT support in the GTA today!

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