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    Is Ransomware Malware?

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    Is Ransomware Malware?

    I had no idea how simple it is for ones computer to become compromised by something like malware. Is ransomware a type of malware. Where can I get help against it?


    By Rational Business Solutions Inc.
    Ransomeware is a form of malware. Ransomware is used to compromise different parts of your computer and they hold you hostage until you pay the ransom. Some variations of ransomware will encrypt all your files and then ask for a payment to provide you with a way to decrypt the files. Other forms of ransomware will lock our computer until you pay the ransom. Ransom is normally paid sing Bitcoin so it is anonymous and therefore really untraceable. The best way to prevent ransomware is to have a good antivirus program, however, being very diligent of the types of email attachments you open and links you click is the best defense.
    Ray Gertner
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