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    Why IT Disaster Data Protection is Important for Every Business

    IT Disaster Data Protection

    What is IT disaster data protection and why do you need it for your business? Just as the name implies, an IT disaster data protection solution will serve to protect all of your important data in the event that a disaster creates data loss. For small to medium businesses, the impact of data loss can effectively cripple the business. For instance, up to 90% of companys that suffer from complete data lost fail in the first year. For most businesses, data is a vital part of the business itself and it should be protected accordingly.


    Many people associate the word “disaster” with an act of nature such as a tornado or a hurricane. In a business setting, the term “disaster” can be classified as anything that impedes your ability to conduct business. It can be used to describe any number of different scenarios such as a sprinkler system malfunction that ruins your computer systems. An effective IT disaster data protection plan typically involves backup of the data to an offsite location.


    The Right Disaster Data Protection Solution

    The road to planning and implementing an IT disaster data protection solution can be overwhelming, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Many of these businesses may not even have an in-house IT department. Businesses such as medical offices require IT services from time to time, but it just does not make financial sense to staff their own IT department on-site. These businesses have a need to protect their vital data such as medical records, but things can quickly become costly and difficult to manage.


    Outsourcing both IT services and an IT disaster data protection solution is almost always the best option for these businesses. Locally outsourced IT provides a cost-effective and efficient method to gain all of the benefits of an in-house IT department for a fraction of the overhead costs. The same applies to data backup solutions that are outsourced to companies that already have the infrastructure necessary to ensure that all important data is backed up and safe in the case of a disaster.


    What Options are Available?

    Rational Business Solutions is a Toronto-based company specializing in locally outsourced IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses. These services can be used to complement existing IT resources or as a stand-alone IT solution. Rational Business Solutions offers same-day response for clients within the GTA as well as York Region. Instead of continuously paying for in-house IT, clients are able to find a custom solution that works for their unique business with quarterly billing.


    Rational Business Solutions offers a number of IT-based services including the following:


    • Full support through a managed service platform
    • Monitoring of computer and network equipment
    • Remote fixing of issues
    • In-house support
    • Hardware support
    • Backing up data and creating partitions
    • Disaster data protection solutions

    Rational Business Solutions works on backup data solutions and disaster data protection through its partnership with DATTO – an industry leader in data backup, recovery and safety. They also work together on business continuity services. Schedule an assessment with Rational Business Solutions today to discover the convenience and cost-effectiveness of outsourced IT and IT disaster data protection for your business.