The Benefits Of On-Demand Medical Office IT Support

Medical Office IT Support

Many medical offices are not large enough to warrant having their own in-house IT department. There are simply not enough computers and staff in most medical offices to justify the large overhead costs associated with maintaining on-site IT professionals. Unfortunately for these businesses, IT emergencies do occur – computers do break down, and equipment does fail. What are these companies to do when there is a need for immediate assistance for an IT-related issue?

A locally outsourced IT solution is often the best solution for these businesses. These unique solutions provide quick access to local IT professionals whenever they are needed. All of the benefits of an in-house IT department can be realized without the crippling financial overhead that is often associated with it. Full-service outsourced IT solutions allow businesses such as medical offices to focus solely on business-related issues, without the worry and hassle of maintaining computer systems, networks and security. Some companies also provide data backup solutions for small businesses to provide additional peace of mind.

The Steps to Outsourcing Medical Office IT Support

A comprehensive assessment should be completed to ensure the outsourced IT solution you receive will meet the unique needs for the business. This assessment will look at the current equipment for the business, and also discuss technology goals for the business. For instance, current technologies make it much easier for medical records to be stored in electronic form. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) will take up much less physical space while providing quick and easy access. These files can also be backed up and stored off-site to provide additional data integrity.

The next step is to create a strategy to realize the technology goals for the business based on business objectives, user requirements, as well as budget. The resulting IT plan will encompass all aspects of the project, including both short-term and long-term goals. Examples of these goals are updating existing architecture and determining the best methods for providing end-user support. If a backup solution is necessary, it would also be planned at this point.

Planning and strategizing lead to implementation. During the implementation phase, the business will be set up with any necessary hardware and software solutions. All implementation work can usually be completed with minimal disruption to regular business operations.

Ongoing support programs are the final phase of outsourcing medical office IT support, and it is often the most important part. Depending on the support program chosen, the medical office can have access to on-demand support whenever it is needed. Support may be provided through remote connections, or through an on-site visit, and 24/7 hardware monitoring is usually available.

Rational Solutions for Your Small Business

This type of on-demand IT outsourcing is a cost-effective and efficient method of accessing professional IT services for small businesses. Rational Solutions is a Toronto-based, full-range IT outsourcing solution for small to medium sized businesses. Clients can expect outstanding customer service, and quick resolutions for IT issues (in most cases, a technician can be on-site the same day).

Rational Business Solutions is highly experienced in providing medical office IT support, with additional specialization in the support of EMRs. Discover all of the benefits of professional outsourced IT support. We can assess and often remediate the issue remotely and in most cases, a technician can be on-site the same day if required. Schedule an assessment for your business today!

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