What Data Backup Solutions Exist for Small Businesses?

Data Backup Solutions for Small Business

Protecting data should be a vital part of any business infrastructure. One of the most important aspects of any data protection project is the proper backup of the data to a safe location. Ideally the data backup is never needed, but it can prove invaluable for those times when there is a need to restore data in a short timeframe.

The nature of computer systems and storage disks means that data loss is inevitable at some point. Reports are popping up of disc rot for many types of CDs and DVDs manufactured in the 90s and early 2000s, and computer storage mediums do not escape similar fates through natural degradation. It is important to take the steps necessary to minimize the impact and potential downtime caused by data loss. Perhaps there is a disaster, a machine failure, or an employee accidentally deletes important information. With a sophisticated data backup solution, these incidences can be easily recovered from, and lost data can be restored. Without proper data backup, these incidences can create significant problems for the business.

We all know the value of properly backing up data, whether it is personally, or for a business. Unfortunately, for small to medium enterprise businesses, the process of planning and implementing a sophisticated data backup solution can be both time-consuming and costly. This is especially true if the solution is hosted in-house. There are a number of important things to consider, such as the locations of the backups – will they be hosted on-site, or will they reside in a remote location? What type of hardware is necessary to implement the solution, and how much does it cost? How often is the data backed up? How safe are the backups, and are they encrypted?

Simple Data Backup Solutions

You might lose an important file that you did not back up. A lot of people don’t back up their files, so their work may be deleted due to simple issues with their computer system. Windows will usually put your saved files under My Documents to sort pictures, music, videos, and work in separate folders. My Documents also lives in windows boot partition, which is the most vulnerable and crowded place on your hard drive.

If you create a new partition, backing up files it will be easier and safer, because you don’t have to overwrite files when you reinstall windows. To create a safe partition, you want to use your C: Drive as your operating system, then create a partition named D: Drive for your business documents, another one named E: Drive for financial information, and the last one named F: Drive for your music, videos, and pictures. If you would like to keep using My Documents, you would want to move it out of your windows partition. First you need to find My Documents using Windows Explorer, right click on My Documents, then click on properties, click on location, (it might be different depending on the windows you are using) click on move, and now all you need to do is find a folder outside of your windows partition to save in.

Scalable IT and Backup Solutions for Your Business

Rational Business Solutions a Toronto-based company offering fully managed, locally outsourced IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The company is able to provide a complete range of core IT services, including the following:

  • Computer, Printer, and Network Monitoring
  • Remote Fixing of Issues
  • In-House Support
  • On-Staff Technicians Who Can Be Dispatched On-Site
  • Creating Partitions & Backing up Files Safely

In addition to the core IT services, Rational Business Solutions also offers comprehensive backup solutions as well as complete IT disaster data protection services, through its partnership with DATTO. DATTO is a respected industry leader in keeping all types of important data backed up and safe.

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