Choosing A Fully Managed IT Service In Toronto

With today’s technological advancements, there are many technical problems that can occur. With the right IT service; there is unlimited support, data backup, and protection. Once thought of as a purely supportive function, IT innovations have transformed the department into an integrated revenue driver for companies operating in the information age. Many small and medium sized businesses can benefit from the innovation and expertise offered by a fully managed IT service. In Toronto, small and medium sized businesses must be able to level the playing field against much larger companies, while operating efficiently in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Rather than incurring the fixed costs of employing in-house staff, companies of all sizes have turned to third parties for help. Large corporations have outsourced IT operations for decades, enabling them to focus on the activities that provide the most value to their consumers. However, recent advances in technology have allowed SMEs to join the party, narrowing the gap between them and their largest competitors.

Take the Hassle Out of Running an Office

A fully managed IT solution can help companies cut costs, mitigate expenses, and operate at maximum efficiency. Outsourcing IT takes the hassle out of running an office, allowing businesses to focus on more profitable activities, and make decisions with less uncertainty. In industries where in-house IT innovation is a necessity, many companies have opted for a hybrid approach, choosing to outsource heavy maintenance processes and key functions of their IT infrastructure, in order to free up the working capacity of their staff. This allows their in-house department staff members to remain committed to proactive approaches and innovations that improve the customer experience.

Full-Service IT Solutions

An IT department shows its true value when it is able to take a proactive approach to the implementation of technology in a given business, and use that technology to add value to the customer experience. Establishing a strong relationship with a third-party company gives small and medium sized businesses the expertise and technology to compete with companies far greater in size. In today’s cloud-based storage environment, back-up strategies have become essential to the long-term success of any business. A reputable IT service can provide data backup and virtualized systems that can eliminate downtime in the event of a system crash, even if your physical hardware has been completely destroyed.

Unlimited Support

When choosing to go with a third-party IT service, it is important to select a company that will provide unlimited access to support. Problems can often be solved in a variety of different manners. Remote support, remediation in the background, and in-house support are all very important services that a fully managed IT solution should be able to provide.

On-Staff Techs

A fully managed IT service from Toronto should pride itself on high-quality customer service, functionality and data protection. When outsourcing, it is important to consider the response time of technicians in the area. Offshore companies may have difficulty providing responsive service, which could ultimately cost you in lost sales and data. Ensure that the company of your choosing can provide a solution that will eliminate downtime and get a certified technician to you in the same day.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services can include many different IT-related services, depending on the organization you are working with. At Rational Business Solutions, we define Managed Services as the pro-active management of your entire IT infrastructure. This includes remote monitoring and remediation of all network devices, servers and work stations.

It also includes help desk support for all of your end users, so they can be confident that someone is available to help them with any IT-related issue they have. Our Managed Services program also includes consulting, and assistance with third party solutions.

Our goal is to become our clients’ trusted adviser for anything IT.

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